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  • Federal Register :: Pipeline Safety: Plastic Pipe Rule PHMSA is proposing to amend the natural and other gas pipeline safety regulations (49 CFR part 192) to address regulatory requirements involving plastic piping.
  • APTec – Allied Pipeline Technologies, Inc. Allied Pipeline Technologies. Sure-Liner™ System. The Sure-Liner™ Internal pipe-lining process involves the insertion of a tight-fit HDPE (High Density.
  • Diamond Intelligence - Tacy LTD Effective January 1st, 2018, the publication rights of Diamond Intelligence Briefing have been acquired by an Asian publishing house. Chaim Even-Zohar and his staff.
  • NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY IN IRAN – Encyclopaedia Iranica NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY IN IRAN: a brief history from the outset to the Islamic Revolution of 1978-79. In this article, after a technical overview of the natural gas.
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