Julia Stegner | Vogue Germany Feb. 2012 by Greg Kadel HQ.

Visit the post for more.. Magdalena Frackowiak | Vogue (Germany) January 2012 by Ben Hassett HQ Photo Shoot

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German Vogue Toni Garrn January 2010 NEW

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  • Magdalena Frackowiak - Wikipedia DNA Model Management (New York) Elite Model Management (Paris) d'management group (Milan) Models 1 (London) View Management (Barcelona) UNIQUE DENMARK (Copenhagen)
  • Toni Garrn - Wikipedia Biografia. Nata ad Amburgo, all'età di due anni si trasferisce con i genitori ed il fratello maggiore Niklas (anch'egli un modello) a Londra, per poi trasferirsi.
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