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Playboy is an American men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine. It was founded in Chicago in 1953, by Hugh Hefner and his associates, and funded in part by a.

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2008 Playboy Issues

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  • Playboy Covers of the World Playboy Covers of the World. An archive of Playboy magazine covers from around the world including cover models, playmates and interview subjects.
  • Playboy Products, Collaborations and Merch – Shop Playboy Shop for the hottest and latest Playboy gear, products and merch. Playboy brings you the newest products and merch directly to you. Be the first to wear this merch.
  • Playboy, February 2008 Issue: Editors of. - Playboy, February 2008 Issue [Editors of PLAYBOY Magazine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Playboy Magazine February 2008 Dimensions: 10.75 x 8.
  • Playboy Special Edition - Wikipedia A Playboy Special Edition cover feat. Christi Taylor. Executive Editor: Stacy S. Collins: Categories: Photography/erotica: Frequency: 2 issues per month
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